About Us

Escape Cleaning launched in 2014 and has consistently grown its team and service offerings to the range that we have now.

Started by Carl Peterson, the original idea was to complement his other business, D.B.R. Design & Build Ltd, with cleaning services that would take place after building operations. This has since grown to incorporate other services that our staff are specialists in.

In Carl’s own words, Escape Cleaning began purely ‘by accident’. He employed a cleaner for his own home but after an initial trial period, found that he was unsatisfied with the results that were achieved. Carl felt that cleaning was only carried out around furniture and not to the standard that he would expect. Carl began working with his cleaner, setting specific tasks such as:


  • Noting where furniture items are located, cleaning and replacing them afterwards.
  • Fully clean bathroom, including the back of the toilet U bend.
  • Clean all waste overflows, removing any dirt and grime.
  • Clean window insets so grime is not visible when the window is opened.
Seeing the high-quality cleanliness of his home, friends and family asked Carl to recommend his cleaner for their homes. Using the protocol that Carl and his cleaner devised and after achieving great results and requests for more cleaning services, Carl was inspired to recruit more cleaners. These new staff members were all DBS checked and his original cleaner promoted to supervisor level, overseeing the new staff and ensuring the protocol and high standards were maintained.

The business grew naturally through word of mouth, and when Carl decided to run the business as a full-time venture, Escape Cleaning was born. In addition, it was decided to serve both domestic and commercial properties. This helped to enhance the services of Carl’s other business, DBR Design & Build Ltd, providing a deep clean service to properties after the completion of building or renovation work.

Escape Cleaning now has 8 members of staff and continues to grow. Our cleaners attend the same clients every time, and we only change rotas to accommodate holidays and sickness. This provides our clients with peace of mind and a good working relationship with our staff. All staff are DBS checked and have been with us for a long period of time.

We consistently receive great feedback from our clients, declaring that our staff are friendly and achieve the highest standards.

Our Values

Our main aim is to care for your property or premises as much as you do. We want you to feel cared for and be able to trust our staff to provide an impeccable service.

Please contact us for further information or to discuss your cleaning needs.

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