Graffiti removal service

Graffiti on business premises may not give the best first impression to clients or customers; in fact, it has been known to devalue property values and attract other forms of unsocial behaviour.

If you have been the victim of graffiti, we can help. Graffiti removal is not an easy process; the paint used may have affected the substrate, and incorrect removal will cause further damage.

We will survey your building and the graffiti to understand the media used and the materials that have been affected to select the right removal process.


Graffiti removal process

Graffiti is removed by one of two methods:

1. DOFF Cleaning
DOFF cleaning is used on delicate surfaces, using superheated water expelled at low pressure. The 150oC heat completely removes paint and is environmentally friendly.

2. TORC Abrasive Cleaning
TORC Cleaning uses a combination of granulate stone and water, expelled under pressure. This process ‘gets under’ the paint, lifting it from the surface and removing it without damaging the material underneath.

After the graffiti has been removed, we can apply an anti-graffiti coating. This coating will ensure that any future instances can be removed quickly and easily. Our anti-graffiti coating is available in matte or gloss finish.

Health and safety first
We always put the health and safety of our customers and the general public first and will coordinate any path or road closures and cordons as necessary. You can rest assured that we will protect the safety of staff, customers and the general public.

Here when you need it
We provide a priority service for graffiti removal, aiming to be with you within 2hrs, or at a time that suits you. Contact us, and we will arrange a FREE quotation and removal as soon as possible.

Our Standards

Automatic timekeeping
Our cleaners log their time on-site via an automated system, ensuring that they are punctual and completing the designated hours. We receive instant notifications of timekeeping, plus any changes in the standard hours, or if something unexpected happens.

Many of our staff are lone workers, and therefore an automated system allows us to monitor them for health and safety purposes.

Consistent quality
Our management team carry out monthly or fortnightly quality checks to ensure that we are delivering outstanding results and the high-quality service that you can expect of us.

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