Professional steam cleaning

Our professional steam cleaning service not only cleans surfaces but also sanitises them, removing dirt, algae, moss, vehicle spills and bird droppings.

Traditional shampoos or disinfectants work mainly on the surface, leaving bacteria to survive and regrow. The high-quality steam cleaning equipment that we use operates at high temperature to reach materials deep down in the surface and remove them.

We recommend steam cleaning patios, paths, driveways, brick and stonework to return them to near original condition. Results of steam cleaning are far better than standard jet washing.

After the steam cleaning has been completed, an inhibitor can be applied to prevent algae and moss recurring for up to 3 years.

Why steam clean?

The main reasons for steam cleaning are:
• Surfaces are instantly clean and dry with no residue.
• Thoroughly removes all algae, moss and weed roots.
• Removes paint, oil and other spills.
• Environmentally friendly, using lower levels of chemicals and water.
• Saves time and money.

What surfaces can be steam cleaned?

Steam cleaning can be used on almost any surface, including:
• Patios, driveways, stonework
• Roofs and roof tiles
• Gutters, fascias, bargeboards
• Windows and conservatories
• Mattresses
• Fabrics and upholstery

If you have a surface that you’d like cleaned, please contact us. We’ll be able to provide the right advice and a FREE quotation.

Competitive pricing

Our professional steam cleaning service is an hourly rate service, and cost depends on the size and condition of the area to be cleaned. Before carrying out the clean, we will survey your premises and provide a free, no-obligation quotation.

Our cleaners will work with your schedule and complete the clean as and when it suits you.

Our Standards

Automatic timekeeping
Our cleaners log their time on-site via an automated system, ensuring that they are punctual and completing the designated hours. We receive instant notifications of timekeeping, plus any changes in the standard hours, or if something unexpected happens.

Many of our staff are lone workers, and therefore an automated system allows us to monitor them for health and safety purposes.

Consistent Quality
Our management team carry out monthly or fortnightly quality checks to ensure that we are delivering outstanding results and the high-quality service that you can expect of us.

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